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You have reached the research lab of  Dr. Tanya Broesch. We are a team of researchers interested in questions related to early social development and the role of experience. Research at the culture and development lab is centered on the topic of Social Learning which encompasses research on social communication, early learning and imitation, attachment, parenting, and the role of formal education. Check out the Research page for more information!

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Parents, did you know that sleep research tells us that exercise, regular meal times, and light exposure impacts the timing and quality of our sleep? Recent research suggests that light at night may be shifting our body clocks to fall asleep later at night, resulting in shorter sleep durations overall. There is debate about what is enough sleep, but usually, you know it when you get it J. Researchers suspect that children are affected by light at night as well. So, consider turning the lights down and limiting screen time as bedtime approaches.


Tanya Broesch
Associate Professor of Psychology
Simon Fraser University