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If you are looking to apply to the lab under the Research Engagement course (PSYC 393), please take a look at the requirements on the SFU website. Dr. MacGillivray requires at least one semester of volunteer work in the lab before PSYC 393 credits may be earned. If you have completed on semester of volunteer work in the lab and the requirements listed by SFU, please fill out the application below. You will be required to also submit the SFU application to the Psychology department advisor.

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    Volunteer Research AssistantResearch Engagement (PSYC 393)Directed StudiesHonoursGraduate Student Research Assistant

    Are you able to commit to at least 2 consecutive semesters with the lab?

    Are you able to commit to 5-10 hours a week with the lab?

    Academic Prerequisites

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    Completion of PSYC 201: Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (recommended):


    Completion of PSYC 250: Developmental Psychology (recommended):


    Final grade of A or higher in PSYC 250: Developmental Psychology:


    Completion of PSYC 352: Culture and Cognition (recommended):


    Final grade of A or higher in PSYC 352: Culture and Cognition:


    Please briefly describe any relevant experience you've had, including working in other research labs or job experience.

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