Reference Request

    If you would like a reference letter from Dr. Broesch please complete the form below. If you have only taken one course with Dr. Broesch and had no substantial interactions during the course then she cannot write you letter as she could only say that you took one course and received X grade — and this information is already in your transcript. If you have taken more than one course, been involved with the lab, or taken a seminar with Dr. Broesch, please proceed to the form below.

    Specifically what program are you applying to (include the institution name)? How is the letter submitted and when is the due date? (If more than one, please provide a list)


    Why are you asking Dr. Broesch for a reference? How do you know Dr. Broesch? When did you meet and in what context?


    Have you taken a class with her and if so, what was your grade? What was the class average (this information should be on your transcript)?


    What skills does the program you are applying to value and how/when has Dr. Broesch observed these skills?




    Any other relevant documents (ie. research statement)